17 mixed
infp 4w5
i like medias
extras more

♡: melancholic, 70s, experimental, coming
of age, surrealism, gothic, animation, psych,
classics, t-crime, musicals, horror, drama,
16/8mm, doc/mockumentary, scifi, comedy
other ♡'s: series, greenelan, birdflash,
art, mlp, graphic novels, design, classics,
architectures, literature, sports, more
i also like other things (sorry)

favorites + twitter, also a few notes:
(1) i consume medias critically
(2) no specific dates r given for when i
watched unlogged films (too lazy :3)
(3) i watch any genre of films & i watch
films deliberately (mainly genres i ♡)
(4) films that i hearted r films that i have
emotional attachments to / like too much
(5) i only listed a few series in my boxd
(check tvtime for web series i've watched)
(6) i don't usually display my top 4 favs,
but if i do, then it usually changes a lot
(7) i rarely check messages, so if u ask
abt smth, then it's gonna take a while
(8) don't ask for film links to me, i often
lose them bc i don't rly store them at all